Saturday, March 23, 2013

4 Kornerz Ultimate OC'D 2

4 Kornerz Ultimate OC'D 2

Developer/Rom Disclaimer:I will not be held responsible for anything that happens with or to your phone after you install this rom

Thanks To The Following:


Release Notes:

This will be the final release of 4 Kornerz rom,after this Ultimate release,i will no longer update this rom,this means support for this will only last as long as its being downloaded and i have an OG EVO.I also baked in a custom 4 Kornerz kernel,especially for the rom,thanks to Tronit.

Install Instructions:

1)Download Rom
2)Do a nandroid of your current rom
3)Copy rom to the root of your sd card
4)Reboot into recovery and wipe everything but the sd card 3 times
5)Find rom and install
6)After rom install,find gapps and install
7)Now theres 2 options that work,you can either install DT's app2sd or New Data To SD-EXT Mod(Uses SD Ext as internal)
8)After install reboot and setup rom
9)After setup,reboot one more time to set the tweaks.

Rom Information:

Android Jelly Bean/AOKP v.4.1.2
Ported Sony Xperia ARC launcher Updated
Custom UI theme
Custom Dialer
Custom Wallpaper
Custom Contacts
Custom Settings
Custom 4 Kornerz SBC kernel
Sony Bravia Engine 2
Sony XLoud 2
Rom Control
SystemUI Mod
Clock & Battery Mod
Power Menu Mod
Tablet Nav Mod
Facebook Sync Works Now
Beats Mod
DSP/MusixFX Mod
Various build.prop & initial.d tweaks


Apollo media
Holo Spiral Wallpaper
Live Wallpapers
Magic Smoke LWP
Trebuchet Launcher
Launcher 2
CM Wallpapers
CM Updater



  1. Hey Diablo, love the rom brother. I have been reading xda forum looking for some help on why I can't play a video on youtube. the video loads but never plays? any ideas or as anyone mentioned it. I read over 130 pages and saw nothing on this. I tried using the app, dolphin browser and google. Nothing seems to work. Just wondering if you know anything about it. Everything else is working great on the phone.
    Thanks for a great ROM.

  2. This ROM is too awesome! I'm only having GPS issues and video playback with Mobo Player. When I ran the my Navigation app, it doesn't find GPS satellites.