Saturday, March 30, 2013

JellyBean 4.2.2 Code Name Bleu Mynt

JellyBean 4.2.2 Code Name Bleu Mynt

Recompiled system and boot images from Evervolv-Acies-3.2.0-Nightly-2013.03.26 and added a bunch of tweaks and mods to go with it,enjoy!!

Thanks to the following:


Installation:(Before installation,make sure you have SmelkusMod revovery and are partitioned to ext.3 or above).

1)Download the rom
2)Download Crossbreeder
3)Copy downloaded items to your sd card
4)Boot into Recovery
5)Wipe everything at least 3 times,i shouldnt have to tell you to not wipe your sd card
6)Find the rom and install
7)Run through set-up and set up your rom
8)Boot into recovery and wipe cache and dalvik and install Crossbreeder
9)Open Android Tuner and set it up,make sure to reboot after you set each tweak,if you dont you will get a bootloop
10)You are now GOLDEN!!

Rom Info:

Rom Info:

Jelly Bean 4.2.2(AOSP)
Recompiled from Evervolv system and boot images(Evervolv-Acies-3.2.0-Nightly-2013.03.26) 
Black Dome Kernel SBC v.2.2 R1(JB Kernel)
Sony Playstation Store Enabled(Sony Playstation Store)
Market Spoof Enabled(Android/Phone Market Spoofer)
Sony Bravia Engine 2.6.1(Video Enhancement)
Data/App Functionality(Ability To Delete Installed Apps)
JB 4.2.2 Gapps Baked In(JB 4.2 Google Apps)
North America GPS Enhancement(Stronger GPS Signal For JB)
Custom Blue Mint Theme(CM10.1 Theme Beta)
Custom Blue Mint Dialer
Custom Blue Mint Keyboard
Custom Boot Animation(Ubuntu Style Blue Mint Boot Screen)
Custom Wallpaper
ADW Launcher(Android Launcher Beta)
Android Tuner(Android Tweaker Beta)
IHeart Radio(Android Radio Player)
Boot Animation Changer(Changes Boot Animations,Over 300 To Choose From)
Premium Widgets(Clock & Weather Widgets Beta)
Mounts2SD(Swaps Internal With External SD Ext.No need for DT's Apps2SD)
Drive Droid(Download/Install Any Of The Linux Distributions To Your Phone,Using Your Phone as a Virtual Machine)




Sunday, March 24, 2013

ELITE Series IV Resurrected

ELITE Series IV Resurrected

Ok guys this is Konikubs Elite Series rom updated with the latest OTA kernel and the wifi is fixed.I kept everything intact,nothing was changed as far as the graphics/theme goes and no tweaks added,its as original as you can get.This rom is fast and smooth,so i hope you guys will like the new updated Elite Series IV.The actual problem i was having with the wifi issue was a corrupt driver.I also had to edit the market updater to keep the market from losing the transparency,otherwise it will update and go to the default theme.

Rom/Developer Disclaimer:I'm not held responsible for what happens after you download this rom,if you follow the install directions,there will be no problems.


1)Download the rom to your desktop
2)Connect your phone to your computer
3)Drag and drop the rom onto your sd card
4)Right click the icon in your taskbar and eject your phone
5)Go into recovery and do a full wipe(everything,BUT SD CARD!!!!DO NOT WIPE SD CARD!!!!)
6)Go to flash zip,then find zip to flash and install the rom
7)First boot after wiping takes longer,but when you finish the set-up,go to system update and update your profile and PRL,then your golden.

Thanks goes to the following:

Wgallt(Donator and beta tester)
Outerdepth(Help with the wifi)


Added flashlight app
Added build.prop tweaks
Fixed market from updating and losing transparency
Updated kernel to OTA 4.67.651.3 Stock
Fixed corrupt wifi driver
Preserved original theme
Zipaligned apk's

Tweaks added:

Upgraded video recording and picture quality
Increased wifi speed
Decreased dialing out delay
Internet Tweaks
Render UI with GPU
Increased size of delvik cache from 32m to 64m
Increased scrolling response
Increased battery saving potential
Increased overall performance
Increased video acceleration


(Wipe Cache & Dalvik Required)

(Full Wipe Required)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

EVOlver & AKOP Roms

Evolver/AKOP Roms

This is an extracted RUU_SuperSonic_GB_Sprint_WWE_4.67.651.1.exe stripped and rooted,with sense removed(bloatware and widgets),with all the needed runparts added,like DT's A2sd and Intial.d support and more,the list is below,enjoy!!

Install instructions:

1)Download Rom
2)Drop Onto Sd Card
3)Boot Into Recovery And Wipe Everything But The SD Card
4)Find Rom And Install


DT's A2sd
Intial.d Support
Cache & Delvik 2 SD Ext.
All images optimized
Latest busybox
Latest SU 
Ram Tweaks
Caines Underworld SBC Kernel
Internet And 3G Tweaks
Bloat Removed And Sense Framework
Custom Keyboard And Dialer
Custom Dock
Custom Settings
Custom Lockscreen
Custom Clock
Custom Statusbar
Enough Of The Crap,This Thing Flies And The battery Life Is Tremendous[/B]

Thanks to the following:

Dad D O(Donator/Supporter)
Aheeejd(Beta Tester/Teammate)
forever king 
Green Rom Project


(Full Wipe!!)

(Must Be On RLS 1)

(Wipe Cache & Dalvik Only!!)

(Full Wipe!)

Alien Chaos v.3.1

Alien Chaos

This rom was ultimately made for me as a personal daily driver,but i have had requests to post this as a public rom.It was made for beauty and outright speed and this thing flies.Im a big Alienware fan and i own one of their laptops,very expensive,but fast as all hell,anyway,this rom is based off of Alienware and has speed,beauty and performance for everyday use.Im at the moment playing around with Beats Audio on this rom,so you will see remnants of it in the rom until i can get it working.If there are any bugs,FC's or lag,let me know and i will adjust the rom accordingly,as i have added a bunch of tweaks.

Rom/Developer Disclaimer:I am not and i do express i am not responsible for any malfunctions or bricks to your rom after install.

Install Instructions:

1)Download rom to somewhere on your desktop.
2)Connect your phone via usb and copy the rom to your sd card.
3)Boot into recovery,wipe everything but your sd card
4)Go to install zip,then find the rom and install
5)Reboot after install and your golden.

Rom Information:

Extracted RUU_4.67
2.3 OS
Native Screenshot
6 In 1 Boot Option
Latest Bravia Engine
100% Picture & Video Quality
All Stagefright Options Set To True Value
Dalvik VM Tweaks Set To 128M
Wifi & 3G Tweaks
Battery Saving Tweaks
Decreased Dialing-Out Delay Set To 0
Max Events Set To 240
scrolling responsiveness and Increased overall touch responsiveness
Video Acceleration
Qualcom Memory Tweaks
Underworld_SBC Kernel v.0.6
1% Battery Increments
Custom Lockscreen
Custom Dialer
Custom Querty Keyboard
Custom Status Bar & Pulldown
Custom Icons
Custom Dock
Custom launcher
New Bootscreen
Alien Clock Widget

Thanks to the following:

Papa smurf151


(Requires Full Wipe!!)

(Requires Cache & Dalvik Wipe Only!!)

4 Kornerz Ultimate OC'D 2

4 Kornerz Ultimate OC'D 2

Developer/Rom Disclaimer:I will not be held responsible for anything that happens with or to your phone after you install this rom

Thanks To The Following:


Release Notes:

This will be the final release of 4 Kornerz rom,after this Ultimate release,i will no longer update this rom,this means support for this will only last as long as its being downloaded and i have an OG EVO.I also baked in a custom 4 Kornerz kernel,especially for the rom,thanks to Tronit.

Install Instructions:

1)Download Rom
2)Do a nandroid of your current rom
3)Copy rom to the root of your sd card
4)Reboot into recovery and wipe everything but the sd card 3 times
5)Find rom and install
6)After rom install,find gapps and install
7)Now theres 2 options that work,you can either install DT's app2sd or New Data To SD-EXT Mod(Uses SD Ext as internal)
8)After install reboot and setup rom
9)After setup,reboot one more time to set the tweaks.

Rom Information:

Android Jelly Bean/AOKP v.4.1.2
Ported Sony Xperia ARC launcher Updated
Custom UI theme
Custom Dialer
Custom Wallpaper
Custom Contacts
Custom Settings
Custom 4 Kornerz SBC kernel
Sony Bravia Engine 2
Sony XLoud 2
Rom Control
SystemUI Mod
Clock & Battery Mod
Power Menu Mod
Tablet Nav Mod
Facebook Sync Works Now
Beats Mod
DSP/MusixFX Mod
Various build.prop & initial.d tweaks


Apollo media
Holo Spiral Wallpaper
Live Wallpapers
Magic Smoke LWP
Trebuchet Launcher
Launcher 2
CM Wallpapers
CM Updater


D67MOD Custom Recoveries

D67MOD Custom Recoveries


This recovery is based off of Amon Ra & SmelkusMod Recoveries,i had great help from Smelkus and Robobob on this project and it has turned out well,very intelligent and friendly guys.Anyway this is my first attemp after about 25 betas,lol.Aheeejd took the leap on my betas and is still running my final beta.I will be making more customized recoveries,so if amyone has any requests,ill do them for members and devs for their roms or team.

Thanks To:



She Devil

Team NoName

Tronits Legacy

The Emilio

Install Instructions:

1)Download to your pc
2)Change the name to [B][/B]
3)Copy to your the root of your SD card
4)Boot into bootloader and wait until the prompt pops up
5)Push up on the volume rocker to install
6)When done,it will ask you if you wanna reboot
7)Push down on the volume rocker to select no
8)Now select recovery and reboot,theres your new and improved recovery,enjoy!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Black Dailhia Project~Sony Xperia Z Spoofed RLS2

Black Dailhia Project~Sony Xperia Z Spoof

This is a spoof rom,you will be able to download and play any game or app for any phone you want,its not an official port,but all of the aspects and traits were ported over to the EVo and the Xperia Z launcher was ported along with a few other things,such as great speed and battery life.

Rom/Developer Disclaimer:I will not be held responsible if your EVO explodes/melts/runs away/kills you in your sleep or any other unmentionable horror,after installing this rom.Enjoy!

Thanks To The Following For Their Help,Knowledge And Good Ole Boy Attitude

Team NoName

Install Instructions:

(You need to be partitioned to at least ext 3 or better and not using CWM recovery)

1)wipe everything but the sd card at least 3 times
2)install the rom
3)install gapps
4)reboot,then go back into recovery and flash apps2sd
5)reboot and enjoy the new rom


Netflix(No Picture)
Crackle(No Picture)




AOKP base
Rom Control
Ported Sony Xperia Z(Updated!)
Sony Xperia Z icons
Sony Xperia Z Dialer,Contacts,Settings
Sony Xperia Z Ringtones,Notifications
Sony Walkman Player & Visualizer(Updated!)
Sony Bravia Engine 2
Sony Xloud 2
Faster Streaming
Improved Image And Audio Quality
Net Speed Tweaks
Google DNS
No Call Delay
Battery Tweaks
Proximity Tweaks
Additional Free Ram
Signal Tweaks
Faster Reboot
Improved Touch Responsiveness And Speed
DT's Apps2sd GUI(Used if install App2sd)
Added 4.2 Desk Clock
Added 4.2 Keyboard
Added 4.2 Gallery
Market Spoof
GPS fix for North America
Facebook Syncing

Custom Boot Logos(Acer Iconia A500)

I finally figured out how to create boot logos for the A500 using Skrilax_CZ guide,i made one soo far,just to see how it looks and it is definitely a keeper,so i decided to share it with you guys and make some more,i will also make them as flashable zips to use on any of the compatible recoveries for the A500.Also make sure you do have the unlocked ICS bootloader installed.

Loading iconia

Nvidia Force

Confused Android


Power Of Nvidia

mmcblk0p4 is cache partition. Please note that flashing a nonworking bootloader via *.blob will require recovery using NVFlash