Saturday, March 30, 2013

JellyBean 4.2.2 Code Name Bleu Mynt

JellyBean 4.2.2 Code Name Bleu Mynt

Recompiled system and boot images from Evervolv-Acies-3.2.0-Nightly-2013.03.26 and added a bunch of tweaks and mods to go with it,enjoy!!

Thanks to the following:


Installation:(Before installation,make sure you have SmelkusMod revovery and are partitioned to ext.3 or above).

1)Download the rom
2)Download Crossbreeder
3)Copy downloaded items to your sd card
4)Boot into Recovery
5)Wipe everything at least 3 times,i shouldnt have to tell you to not wipe your sd card
6)Find the rom and install
7)Run through set-up and set up your rom
8)Boot into recovery and wipe cache and dalvik and install Crossbreeder
9)Open Android Tuner and set it up,make sure to reboot after you set each tweak,if you dont you will get a bootloop
10)You are now GOLDEN!!

Rom Info:

Rom Info:

Jelly Bean 4.2.2(AOSP)
Recompiled from Evervolv system and boot images(Evervolv-Acies-3.2.0-Nightly-2013.03.26) 
Black Dome Kernel SBC v.2.2 R1(JB Kernel)
Sony Playstation Store Enabled(Sony Playstation Store)
Market Spoof Enabled(Android/Phone Market Spoofer)
Sony Bravia Engine 2.6.1(Video Enhancement)
Data/App Functionality(Ability To Delete Installed Apps)
JB 4.2.2 Gapps Baked In(JB 4.2 Google Apps)
North America GPS Enhancement(Stronger GPS Signal For JB)
Custom Blue Mint Theme(CM10.1 Theme Beta)
Custom Blue Mint Dialer
Custom Blue Mint Keyboard
Custom Boot Animation(Ubuntu Style Blue Mint Boot Screen)
Custom Wallpaper
ADW Launcher(Android Launcher Beta)
Android Tuner(Android Tweaker Beta)
IHeart Radio(Android Radio Player)
Boot Animation Changer(Changes Boot Animations,Over 300 To Choose From)
Premium Widgets(Clock & Weather Widgets Beta)
Mounts2SD(Swaps Internal With External SD Ext.No need for DT's Apps2SD)
Drive Droid(Download/Install Any Of The Linux Distributions To Your Phone,Using Your Phone as a Virtual Machine)




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