Saturday, March 23, 2013

D67MOD Custom Recoveries

D67MOD Custom Recoveries


This recovery is based off of Amon Ra & SmelkusMod Recoveries,i had great help from Smelkus and Robobob on this project and it has turned out well,very intelligent and friendly guys.Anyway this is my first attemp after about 25 betas,lol.Aheeejd took the leap on my betas and is still running my final beta.I will be making more customized recoveries,so if amyone has any requests,ill do them for members and devs for their roms or team.

Thanks To:



She Devil

Team NoName

Tronits Legacy

The Emilio

Install Instructions:

1)Download to your pc
2)Change the name to [B][/B]
3)Copy to your the root of your SD card
4)Boot into bootloader and wait until the prompt pops up
5)Push up on the volume rocker to install
6)When done,it will ask you if you wanna reboot
7)Push down on the volume rocker to select no
8)Now select recovery and reboot,theres your new and improved recovery,enjoy!!

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