Friday, March 22, 2013

Black Dailhia Project~Sony Xperia Z Spoofed RLS2

Black Dailhia Project~Sony Xperia Z Spoof

This is a spoof rom,you will be able to download and play any game or app for any phone you want,its not an official port,but all of the aspects and traits were ported over to the EVo and the Xperia Z launcher was ported along with a few other things,such as great speed and battery life.

Rom/Developer Disclaimer:I will not be held responsible if your EVO explodes/melts/runs away/kills you in your sleep or any other unmentionable horror,after installing this rom.Enjoy!

Thanks To The Following For Their Help,Knowledge And Good Ole Boy Attitude

Team NoName

Install Instructions:

(You need to be partitioned to at least ext 3 or better and not using CWM recovery)

1)wipe everything but the sd card at least 3 times
2)install the rom
3)install gapps
4)reboot,then go back into recovery and flash apps2sd
5)reboot and enjoy the new rom


Netflix(No Picture)
Crackle(No Picture)




AOKP base
Rom Control
Ported Sony Xperia Z(Updated!)
Sony Xperia Z icons
Sony Xperia Z Dialer,Contacts,Settings
Sony Xperia Z Ringtones,Notifications
Sony Walkman Player & Visualizer(Updated!)
Sony Bravia Engine 2
Sony Xloud 2
Faster Streaming
Improved Image And Audio Quality
Net Speed Tweaks
Google DNS
No Call Delay
Battery Tweaks
Proximity Tweaks
Additional Free Ram
Signal Tweaks
Faster Reboot
Improved Touch Responsiveness And Speed
DT's Apps2sd GUI(Used if install App2sd)
Added 4.2 Desk Clock
Added 4.2 Keyboard
Added 4.2 Gallery
Market Spoof
GPS fix for North America
Facebook Syncing

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