Saturday, March 23, 2013

Alien Chaos v.3.1

Alien Chaos

This rom was ultimately made for me as a personal daily driver,but i have had requests to post this as a public rom.It was made for beauty and outright speed and this thing flies.Im a big Alienware fan and i own one of their laptops,very expensive,but fast as all hell,anyway,this rom is based off of Alienware and has speed,beauty and performance for everyday use.Im at the moment playing around with Beats Audio on this rom,so you will see remnants of it in the rom until i can get it working.If there are any bugs,FC's or lag,let me know and i will adjust the rom accordingly,as i have added a bunch of tweaks.

Rom/Developer Disclaimer:I am not and i do express i am not responsible for any malfunctions or bricks to your rom after install.

Install Instructions:

1)Download rom to somewhere on your desktop.
2)Connect your phone via usb and copy the rom to your sd card.
3)Boot into recovery,wipe everything but your sd card
4)Go to install zip,then find the rom and install
5)Reboot after install and your golden.

Rom Information:

Extracted RUU_4.67
2.3 OS
Native Screenshot
6 In 1 Boot Option
Latest Bravia Engine
100% Picture & Video Quality
All Stagefright Options Set To True Value
Dalvik VM Tweaks Set To 128M
Wifi & 3G Tweaks
Battery Saving Tweaks
Decreased Dialing-Out Delay Set To 0
Max Events Set To 240
scrolling responsiveness and Increased overall touch responsiveness
Video Acceleration
Qualcom Memory Tweaks
Underworld_SBC Kernel v.0.6
1% Battery Increments
Custom Lockscreen
Custom Dialer
Custom Querty Keyboard
Custom Status Bar & Pulldown
Custom Icons
Custom Dock
Custom launcher
New Bootscreen
Alien Clock Widget

Thanks to the following:

Papa smurf151


(Requires Full Wipe!!)

(Requires Cache & Dalvik Wipe Only!!)

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